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Wine Wednesday: Just a thought

I love it when I stumble into an in-store wine tasting, besides being able to drink wine; it’s an opportunity to taste wines from different areas of the world, new varieties of grapes and I’ve learned what I am supposed to ‘taste’ for in each different type of wine. I have pictures of new wines to add to my personal menu. (side note: I need a wine journal)

This past Saturday, as I found myself in the midst of a wine tasting, I heard something that I wanted to share. The lady that tasted next to me commented on how she preferred the sweeter wines such as Moscato and Riesling. The Sommelier stated to her that most people from non-wine drinking areas of the world are raised on sodas and sweet fruity drinks thus their palates are skewed to sweet drinks. Consequently our preference for sweet and fruit tasting wines. He also stated that he has trouble opening people up to tasting the dryer varieties of wine because of this, some people just won’t try a red, or something that they are told is dry (not sweet), he has this misfortune with his girlfriend.

This Wine Wednesday will be short this week, I challenge everyone the next time they have an opportunity, try a wine outside of their normal taste preferences. You might not like it but that is OK, wine tastings are about finding something new. I found a sweet red that is glorious and a Pinot Nior that is heaven this past weekend. Who knows what I will find next week.

Until we taste again

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