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Artist Bio:

With stylish sexiness, Simply Sherri’s accessible writing style and enjoyable performance offer a revealing reflection of her world that goes straight to the heart.  Her poetry makes audiences laugh, cry, but more often smile at the naughty thoughts her words cause! California born and Maryland raised, she has been writing since 2001 and performing since 2008.  Simply Sherri has spotlighted and featured at various venues along the East Coast, sparkling audiences with her signature “Love, Sexy, Classy Nasty,” style—a humorous, heartfelt and hot poetic exploration of love and relationships.

Though well known for her love and erotic writing, Simply Sherri is unafraid to examine the totality of a black woman’s life, poetically illuminating subjects such as depression, misogyny and abuse, and surviving the political climate.  Knowing how important it is to connect and share with young people, she has conducted workshops for DC Scores.  She has also volunteered with DewMore Baltimore, becoming a “poetry auntie” to many. 


Sherri is the host of Second Wednesdays at Busboys & Poets-450 K St. in Washington, DC, and the Pajama Jammie Jam Slam, a love and erotica slam at Busboys & Poets-Takoma Park, Maryland.  She released her first CD, Liquefy, in 2010, and her 2015 book of poetry, Love Simply, showcases the range of her writing.  In the words of fellow poet Analysis, she “handles subjects from the erotic to the painful to the uplifting with depth, wit and approachability.” With love in all senses of the word brought to life, to experience the poetry of Simply Sherri is to experience what  “Love, Sexy, Classy Nasty” means!

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