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Wine Wednesday: Vivino App

This should go without saying, I attend a wine tasting every chance I get and drink new wines all the time. If I was the student of wine I claim to be I would have a wine journal, a place to track what I have tasted, what I like and what I hate. I have no such journal, no record of what I tried unless I blog about it here. Until NOW, for the past two weeks I have been playing around with an app for my phone calls Vivino. This is the answer for me.

The Vivino app is available IPhone, Android and Windows phones. It is simple to use, just take a picture of the label, the app searches its database and responds with reviews from others who have the app. Then you can add your review along with where you purchased the wine and how much you paid for it. The app also helps you create wish list, so if you try a wine one day you can add it to a list to purchase later. Almost forgot you can share wines you have found via text or social media. All of this is included in is included in the free version. The upgrade at $4.99/month or 49.99/year includes personal buying guides based on your tasting profile and a database for your wine cellar, neither feature I have used as of yet.

I’ve really enjoyed this app. I have only one minor complaint. Prior to downloading the app I attended a tasting and took some pictures of the labels to remind myself what I tasted. There is no way to import the pictures from phone into the app. There is a solution to this problem, if you can find a clear picture of the wine bottle on the internet, take a picture of the label on the computer and it will match the wine in their database.

So if you are like me and are looking for a way to organize what you have tasted try the Vivino app.

Until we taste again

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