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After the Grapevine

Last night’s Heard Through the Grapevine was definitely one for the history books. We had a full house of poets and audience members from halfway across the country.

Thank you to the owners of Culture Coffee for giving the Grapevine its home. As mentioned this was the last show at this location and I will miss you.

Thank yo

u to everyone who gave a little for the Maddy Wagon and to my friend Ezelle Wooden, Jr. for coming to discuss what we can do to raise awareness of childhood cancer. If you would like to support the cause please purchase an “I Care” T-shirt.

There were several new artists performed last night, LeBrowner, Darrell Burnett from Missouri, Chet, Michelle Myers and Aquil Mizan (while not new to me this was his first performance in the Grapevine) Thank you for visiting and making yourselves at home please feel free to return next month.

Thank you to my Grapevine Family poets Analysis, TwistNWordz, Mr. Speaker and MiattaB. Your performances always give me life.


Our spotlight artist, Caress Russell from Texas left her unique mark on the Grapevine. She wowed the crowd with this poem she performed on the latest season of Verses and Flow.

She will be appearing all over the DMV in the next few days, make it a point to see her perform and support her while she is here.



Our Feature David “Native Son” Ross was exactly what I needed to hear last night. His perspective on love, family and appreciating the ones you love needs to be heard over and over again. Thank you sir and I cannot wait until we get a chance to work together again. He is the host of Eargasmic Live on Tuesday. December 9th at the Art Room in Baltimore, MD. For more information connect with David Ross on Facebook.

You can find examples of his work for purchase online under his production company’s name, the 5th L, at iTunes,, and CDbaby

The Grapevine returns on January 9, 2015 featuring Jahiti mark your calendars, details to be posted soon.

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