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Wine Wednesday: Middle Sister Wines


It’s been a long time; I shouldn’t have left you with a new wine to sip to … Yea that was wrong … paraphrasing Eric Band Rakim

I have been off schedule for Wine Wednesdays the past couple of weeks but I’m back now and won’t do that again.

Last Thursday night, while gathering all the items I need to enjoy the forecasted inclement weather, I stumbled across Middle Sister Wines. Middle Sisters Wine is a California based winery started by three women, Erin Wassum, The Muse a middle sister, Terry Wheatley, The Founding Mother with over 30 years in the wine industry an Susan Lombardi, The Designer and marketing maven. As I am a middle sister, I had to try it.

I love the names:

Rebel Red (red blend), Mischief Maker (Cabernet Sauvignon), Wild One (Malbec), Smarty Pants (Chardonnay), Good Two-Shoes (Pinot Noir), Glamour Girl (Pink Bubbly), Glamour Girl (Bubbly), Sweetie Pie (Sweet Table Red), Surfer Chick (Sauvignon Blanc) and Forever Cool (Merlot)

My purchases: D

rama Queen Pinot Grigio

The Story Do you know me? I’m the one in the front row. The one with the big personality, giant sunglasses, large bodyguards. I even have a wine named after me. Brilliant! A stunning Pinot Grigio, in perfect taste for any social event, from fashion shows to fundraisers…or on that rare occasion we’re dining in. Admit it, Middle Sister. We so do love the attention. See you in the gossip columns! what’s in it? 76% Pinot Grigio 12% Chenin Blanc 12% Chardonnay

how was it made? Cool fermentation in stainless steel turns into a wine that is crisp and juicy. No oak, keeps it fruity and refreshing!

smells like… …apples and pears with a touch of lemongrass.

tastes like… …an explosion of apples and pears, with a slight touch of mineral on the finish.

yummy with… Minestrone soup, Fried Calamari, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, and Antipasto platter of olives, roasted peppers and marinated mushrooms.


t & Sassy Moscato The Story After a long hard day of being fabulous, I like to relax with a glass of wine. But I don’t want it to bite me back. Isn’t there enough drama in this world? That’s why this wine is my new best wine friend. With a touch of natural sweetness, it’s smooth and refreshing and so easy to love. Moscato, always stay as sweet as you are. I’ll handle the sassy part.

what is in it? 84 % Moscato, 16% mixed whites, 100% California grapes

how was it made? Fermented cool in stainless steel

smells like… Forward fruit and flora aromas of lychee, lemon zest, tangerine, candied pear, peach

tastes like… Rich impression entering the mouth with prominent floral notes. Soft mid-palate; good acidity on the finish. The fruit notes of peaches, pears and citrus linger.

yummy with… Salads, seafood, poultry, fruit and cheese plate, spicy dishes I LOVED both of them the Pinot Grigio was full of the flavors you expect from this varietal and the right balance of sweet and dry for a wine. The Moscato is the perfect sweet sip after a long day at work or while writing poetry. Purchased for $10.00/bottle in Montgomery County, MD, these wines are worth looking for if your area. If you cannot find them check their website and see if they can be shipped to you.


Where to find Middle Sister’s Wines

Until next week

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