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What I learned: Louis ConPHliction

Louis ConPHliction flew in from St. Louis to tour the DMV from Jan. 6th though Jan. 11th. He featured at four different venues, included Heard Through the Grapevine and 2nd Wednesdays at Busboys and Poets 5th & K. His mixture of freestyle, song and poetry is energic, dynamic, and fun to watch. If you’re reading this and you were not in a seat at one of these venues—you missed a phenomenal show.

When he arrived at Busboys on Wednesday, I asked him how the show the night before had gone. He replies “it was sauce,” and stirred an imaginary pot. My hosting duties prevented me from asking for a definition of what must be a regional colloquium, but I planned to come back to it when I had a chance. During his feature, Louis expanded on the statement.

“You have to keep stirring the sauce so it doesn’t burn. Life is sauce you have stir it, add some experiences to it so it doesn’t burn, doesn’t get stale.

What I learned:

Keep adding new to my life experience, make sure life stays spicy.

Thank you Louis, can’t wait until you come back again.

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