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Taking Care of Me: Yes, I’m working out now

One thing I didn’t want to do when I started going back to the gym was start a “work out/I’m changing my life/weight loss” blog. I have no expertise in this arena, I’m just a woman who’s unhappy with the weight she’s gained. However, I discovered that people are reading my complaints on social media and asking me about my workouts and how everything is going.

So let me start at the beginning, the why it started.

Throughout my adult life, my weight has fluctuated over 20 pounds; as I swing through my weight highs and lows, my high gets higher and my low weight gets higher. I hit my highest recorded weight in November 2011 at 209. Two years later, In the unhealthiest manner (depression battles) I lost 34 lbs. Bottoming out at 175.

Exact same dress, 2 years apart

Nov. 2011

Nov. 2013 (roughly)

Even though the weight loss was stress related I was able to keep the weight off for about 2 years, without trying. Last year the trifecta of weight gain hit me:

  1. I took a job that required me to be seated more than I was before

  2. An old injury reared its ugly head

  3. The bad habit of swallowing my stress happened (but the food is good)

Consequently, I have regained 24 lbs. I noticed it in pictures and also knew that if I didn’t get it under control I was probably going to end up in the 220 range which is too much weight for me. I started walking more but didn’t join a gym right away because I was afraid of re-injuring myself, what am I supposed to do and how would I keep up with my routine.

In November the answers to the above questions came in the form of Band Practice Class taught by Michelle Antoinette at Rock Solid Fitness Center.

Description: It’s time to make beautiful music with your body, your balance, and your bands! Construct crescendos and chiseled muscles with resistance bands; build great arpeggios, agility, and balance with exercise balls; make some righteous noise while ringing the occasional kettle bells, and let’s not forget to orchestrate excellence with our weighted wands. Give us all you’ve got with zero excuses and get fit with 100% resistance. Come out and practice with the bands!

I started taking the class 2x per week right before Thanksgiving and have only missed one. The class is challenging without being too difficult or straining on my back. The one challenge that comes with this class is getting up and out to it, as it starts at 6:30am. I really like sleep, my bed and don’t like getting up in the morning.

My clean work out clothes

So far, I’ve made one adjustment to how I do things around my house to make it easier to get out in the morning, after I wash and fold my laundry, I put my clean workout clothes in my back up laundry basket. With this I know exactly where everything is, there is no hunting around for my sports bra and socks first thing in the morning. They are all right here in this basket and I put my gym shoes right next it. My keys water bottle and jacket are all together on my desk. It is silly, but it is how I have tricked my mind that this step to leaving out isn’t going to be ‘that bad’

As mentioned I started taking the class 2x per week in November, plus an additional 1 or 2 workouts. I have the following results:

  1. Scale, I am down 3 lbs.

  2. My back pain has lessened, not gone I just don’t feel it as much

  3. The range of motion in my squats is better

  4. My stomach is pulling in, not flat but not bulging as much

  5. My core is getting stronger

  6. I saw my arms in a selfie and was surprised by how good they are looking.

I have two more workout gym related blogs coming this week but after that I’ll keep them to a minimum. If you see me feel free ask and continue cheering me on. I do have some goals I’m trying to hit and when I do, I’ll let you know.

Simply Poetically Yours

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