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Taking Care of Me: Vision Boards

One of the challenges I have faced in recent years is I have never had a clear set of goals. No idea of what I wanted out of life what I was working for besides the next pair of hot shoes. I felt like who I am and what my ‘dreams’ were always being crafted in someone else’s image.

Things I’ve heard over the years:

  1. When are you getting married again?

  2. Don’t you want more children? Didn’t you want a boy?

  3. Why do you live _________ instead of _________?

  4. Don’t you want a big, better ___________?

  5. When are you going to cut your locs?

  6. Aren’t you lonely without a husband and your kids are grown?

I’m not going to use this blog to answer those questions but I will talk about the step in the right direction I took last night. I purchased the items to work on my vision board back in January.

Every time I have made attempts to sit down with my blank piece of poster board and fill it with my goal and dreams the poster board was a perfect reflection of how I saw my future… NOTHING… blank … I had no idea what I wanted for myself. What I was I working for besides just keeping my bills paid, what I want for my life, etc. I was really stuck for weeks, and it annoyed me to no end. Easily making plans for events for up to 3 to 6 months out but that’s business. My life… a blank slate.

While attending a workshop this week, I stated to the instructor that I’m in a unique position, I’m in ‘early empty nester’ and I have found this more exciting than depressing. I can do whatever I want with my life, I am no longer raising children, unmarried and my parents are healthy thus no elder care issues. I’m really only responsible for myself for the first time in my life. The blank slate is a good thing.

I still needed a launch point to organize my thoughts, I did what everyone does, and I hit Google “What do people put on vision boards?” The first results were for how to do it, what things to buy and why you should do it. The only link that helped me organize my thoughts was from the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

“To get started write a list of the specific goals you have set for yourself in the areas of career, love, family, school, health and wealth.”

After a travel goal came to my mind, seeing that question helped me organize the rest of thoughts. I jotted down all my wants in all those areas and finally established my goals, my vision I see the life I want for myself. One thing I did differed from normal vision board rules is that I printed my pictures from the internet instead of using magazines, it made the job easier for me.

Now that I see what I want, I can do what I do best, start making plans, putting them into action and remembering to RELAX.

Until Next Time

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