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Summer Harvest Open Mic Performers

If you wish to contact any of the Poets who participated in the Open Mic Portion of the event their contact information follows:

Kaotik ThoughtFacebook: Khalid Yates

SoulFacebook: Poetry of Soul

Twitter: 4MKsoul

Instagram: S0U

TempleFacebook: Ana Temple Rodney

Twitter: Ana_temple

Instagram: 7temples

JustAVesselFacebook: Stephanie James

Twitter: JustAVessel22

Instagram: JustAVessel22

Raw HuneFacebook: Helen Hampton Hunter

Twitter: PoetHuntress

Instagram: Helenlolita

1EclecticheartFacebook: 1Eclecticheart

Twitter: 1eclecticheart

Instagram: 1eclecticheart

Aquil MizanFacebook: Aquil Mizan

Twitter: AquilMizan

Instagram: AquilMizan

Breezy briskFacebook: Quentin Briscoe

Twitter: Mrbreezybrisk

Instagram: Breezybrisk

Youtube: Quentin Briscoe

Twist N WordzFacebook: Twist N Wordz

Twitter: TwistNWordz

Instagram: TwistNWordz

MissSixxFacebook: Alison McMeans

Twitter: alidmc

Instagram: alidmc6

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