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Simply Impressed: Fourplay


From 1995 to 2000 I worked for a company called Bose, selling speakers and home theatre systems. One afternoon a customer came in and wanted to hear a CD he had on one of our systems. The song he wanted to hear was Chant by Fourplay.

When I tell you I was instantly drawn in to the song after the first drum beat. Why didn’t I know about them before now? How many CDs do they have out? When can I see them perform live? I needed to hear more. At the time they had 4 CDs available which I purchased all at once.

Fourplay  (1991)

Between the Sheets    (1993)

Elixir  (1995)

The Best of Fourplay (1997)

I binged listened for days, wanting to take in every note, every rift. The collaborations uses in these CDs are some of my favorite songs to this day including:

Why Can’t It Wait ‘Till Morning with Phil Collins, a make from Collins’ 2nd solo almost “Hello I Must be Going”

The original members of the group were Bob James (keyboards), Lee Ritenour (guitars), Nathan East (bass), and Harvey Mason (drums). Since then Ritenour has left the group, being replaced first by Larry Carlton then by Chuck Loeb. Each project Fourplay releases has been delivered through the years with care: 4                              1998

Snowbound        1999

Yes, Please!        2000

Heartfelt              2002

Journey              2004

X                            2006

Energy               2008

Let’s Touch the Sky    2010

Esprit de Four        2012

Please share my love for Fourplay by listening to Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry, Chapters of Love Edition featuring my poetry and Fourplay.

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