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Growth & Change

At times we make plans to make changes, be it a move, new career, expansion of family, etc. Every now and then change is reactionary and instant. Other times life and circumstance push you down new paths and you must be open to taking them. This seems to have been the theme in 2019 for me personally and professionally.

Occasionally changes happen and go unnoticed. For example, earlier this summer I announced that I was closing the doors on my flagship open mic poetry event, Heard Through the Grapevine. For four and a half years on first Fridays I curated and hosted a unique open mic with a love and erotic theme and a wine tasting. I have featured poets and singer-songwriters from across the country. Some were artists who have love/erotic poetry as part of their brand and some were artists who had never thought they would ever write a love or erotic poem, let alone get on stage and perform one. These nights made for some wonderful memories. However, my own internal musings plus other outside forces led me to end that chapter of my life. I will cherish those memories and smile every time I think of them.

Over the weekend a friend and I were discussing another event that ended a few years ago and they said “If the event hadn’t ended it would have eventually suffocated us as artists. Look how much we have grown since then.” I couldn’t have agreed more. In times of growth you can come up with new ways to celebrate what you love.

One change I’m sure you have noticed is the design of For most of the past five years the platform I was using had served me well but in recent months it wasn’t as easy to use as it was when it was first built. And since someone else built it for me I didn’t know how to fix it or how to tear it down and rebuild it inside the existing framework.

I started researching alternatives during the spring and determined that Wix would fit my needs. Thank you providing an interface that is point, click and publish.

Now that the external changes are complete, I can manage the internal items that make SPE what it is—ensuring the site is always up to date with our coming events, who’s featuring and, hopefully, some new artist profiles for “From the Behind the Microphone.” We invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Love always, love simply,

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