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Conquering the Steps

In late 2015, I started working out again. The main goal was to stop the weight gain I was experiencing. Read the blog here. One additional goal I set for myself last year was to run the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, aka the “Rocky Steps.”

After this video posted on my Facebook page, several of my friends said, “Hey, we want to do that too,” which makes another trip to Philadelphia a perfect way to honor the start of my 47th trip around the sun.

On Sunday, April 10th (new date), we will get up early and caravan from the DMV to Philadelphia to run (walk, skip) up the Rocky Steps!

This trip is in conjunction with Michelle Antoinette of Brown and Healthy and Raven Adisa Ekundayo with  The Love Movement: 4 Seasons of Awesomeness. We are going to get to the top of these iconic steps and conquer whatever obstacles they represent in your life. 

Meet-up location:

White Marsh Park & Ride

Megabus lot

Nottingham, MD 21236

Just off Honeygo Blvd

Departure time: March 20th 7am


Philadelphia Museum of Art

2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy,

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Arrival: Approximately 9am

There is plenty of free street parking around the museum. There will many opportunities to take pictures with the Rocky Statue, the Amor Statue and, of course, at the top the steps after you complete your first ascent.

The following is optional:

Arrangements have been made with Philadelphia Sports Club located 2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA to go shower and change after the run.  The cost for a day pass will $15.00

This was done so we can all go to brunch at a location to be determined.


There are no additional charges, just travel fees and food.


Tolls: $16 to $20/car depending on your departure point

Optional: Gym for shower $15.00

Optional: Brunch

What to bring:


Snack for right afterward

Sweat Towel

Shower Kit

Change of clothes

If you wish to purchase a Brown and Healthy T-Shirt, visit

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