Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Open Minds
Open Rhymes
Wide Open Mic

Hosted by Simply Sherri

Featuring May Reign

About your Feature:

Writing- her passion for as long as she can remember, her love of poetry began in grade school. May Reign is known as one of South Florida’s most powerful female poets. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she is loved and embraced by her community, in an enormous way. Her following is in the thousands, yet somehow she is able to reach many of them on a very personal level.

With vulnerability and undeniable individualism, she takes you on a colorful carpet ride with poems that mirror her journey of honest self-discovery. She is candidly open about love, her views of God, civil rights or the absence thereof, as well as her battle with childhood depression.

Wearing single motherhood as a badge of honor, May Reign is determined to transcend the boundaries that society set for her. She is limitless! Describing herself as a woman in human disguise, you are soon to see why May Reign is sure to become your favorite literary superhero.

In 2011, she published “My Write to Live and Love” a collection of poetry that reflected a younger version of herself, as she beautifully described the world as she saw it, from where she stood.
“The Sound of Silence”, her second release, published in 2014, was also poetry, in which she goes deeper, in somewhat of an autobiographical way, giving readers a front-row seat to her complicated life.

Only 11 months after publishing her second book, in November 2015, May Reign gave birth to yet another project, releasing a guided writing journal, receiving great reviews for inspiring others to embrace the therapeutic benefits of self-evaluation through journaling.

This multifaceted superwoman is also the owner of Moonflower Candles, a soy candle company that she also started in 2011. Many ask, “Is there anything she can’t do?”
Currently working on her highly anticipated third book,
titled “Girl We Need to Talk”, it is clear that this is a woman on a mission!

May Reign currently resides in her hometown of Miami, Florida with her two children.

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