Wednesday January 10th

Open Minds
Open Rhymes
Wide Open Mic

Hosted by Simply Sherri

Featuring Mohamed Tall

Spotlight by Kenneth Something

About your Feature: Mohamed Tall


Mohamed Tall is Baltimore City’s current Youth Poet Laureate and the 2016 Grand Slam champion. He is a former Baltimore City Poet Ambassador, as well as the 2 time Muslim Interscholastic Tournament spoken word champion. Mohamed has opened up for various entertainers such as Native Deen, the National Poet Laureate and Congressman Elijah Cummings. Traveling around the country on a Social Justice Poetry tour is one of the many feats he has achieved, as well as performing at various venues throughout the country such as the John’s Hopkins Health Symposium on the Prison Industrial Complex, and the annual ICNA convention that took place at the Baltimore City Convention Center in front of thousands of people. In the summer of 2015 Mohamed was one of the 6 members of Baltimore’s Youth Poetry team that competed at Brave New Voices and is ranked as one of the top 10 youth poetry teams in the country. In the fall of 2015 Mohamed began working for a nonprofit organization known as “Dewmore Baltimore” which aims to tackle social justice issues through poetry. In the fall he acts as a teaching artist in Baltimore city middle schools. A current Political Science major, with a minor in African American studies at Morgan State University, Mohamed now plans to utilize the abilities he’s mastered along with the education he is receiving to help establish poetry workshops in different masajid across the America to help further the level of conscious in his community. Mohamed believes that art is at the forefront of every revolution.
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