What I learned: Louis ConPHliction

Louis ConPHliction flew in from St. Louis to tour the DMV from Jan. 6th though Jan. 11th. He featured at four different venues, included Heard Through the Grapevine and 2nd Wednesdays at Busboys and Poets 5th & K. His mixture of freestyle, song and poetry is energic, dynamic, and fun to watch. If you’re reading this and you were not in a seat at one of these venues—you missed a phenomenal show.

When he arrived at Busboys on Wednesday, I asked him how the show the night before had gone. He replies “it was sauce,” and stirred an imaginary pot. My hosting duties prevented me from asking for a definition of what must be a regional colloquium, but I planned to come back to it when I had a chance. During his feature, Louis expanded on the statement.

“You have to keep stirring the sauce so it doesn’t burn. Life is sauce you have stir it, add some experiences to it so it doesn’t burn, doesn’t get stale.

What I learned:

Keep adding new to my life experience, make sure life stays spicy.

Thank you Louis, can’t wait until you come back again.

Conquering the Steps

In late 2015, I started working out again. The main goal was to stop the weight gain I was experiencing. Read the blog here. One additional goal I set for myself last year was to run the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, aka the “Rocky Steps.”


After this video posted on my Facebook page, several of my friends said, “Hey, we want to do that too,” which makes another trip to Philadelphia a perfect way to honor the start of my 47th trip around the sun.

On Sunday, April 10th (new date), we will get up early and caravan from the DMV to Philadelphia to run (walk, skip) up the Rocky Steps!


This trip is in conjunction with Michelle Antoinette of Brown and Healthy and Raven Adisa Ekundayo with  The Love Movement: 4 Seasons of Awesomeness. We are going to get to the top of these iconic steps and conquer whatever obstacles they represent in your life. 

Meet-up location:

White Marsh Park & Ride

Megabus lot

Nottingham, MD 21236

Just off Honeygo Blvd

Departure time: March 20th 7am


Philadelphia Museum of Art

2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy,

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Arrival: Approximately 9am

There is plenty of free street parking around the museum. There will many opportunities to take pictures with the Rocky Statue, the Amor Statue and, of course, at the top the steps after you complete your first ascent.

The following is optional:

Arrangements have been made with Philadelphia Sports Club located 2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA to go shower and change after the run.  The cost for a day pass will $15.00

This was done so we can all go to brunch at a location to be determined.


There are no additional charges, just travel fees and food.


Tolls: $16 to $20/car depending on your departure point

Optional: Gym for shower $15.00

Optional: Brunch

What to bring:


Snack for right afterward

Sweat Towel

Shower Kit

Change of clothes

If you wish to purchase a Brown and Healthy T-Shirt, visit

Taking Care of Me: Break Away for Minute

When I host my signature poetry show, Heard Through the Grapevine, I make the following speech:

“Welcome to Heard Through the Grapevine where we do it Love, Sexy, Classy, Nasty. For those that don’t know this is the Love and Erotic Night. Why? We as poets spend most of the month going to Open Mics and talk about our issues/problems. For one night a month can we talk about what makes this life worth living, LOVE”

Another artist complimented me on the speech, how I’ve set up the night for this type of poetry; paraphrasing “it’s needed in the community, we do need to step away from the intense subject matter from time to time.”


Sometimes we get caught up in so many life issues it feels like we are in the middle of a never ending hurricane. It appears that things just keeps coming at you.

We have to remember to incorporate this concept of stepping away into our daily life. I have a friend who has been going through a series of challenges the past couple of months. She has been stressed out more than anyone should be. Some of the drama she shared with me and some she hadn’t. This is when the conversation became intense and lovingly loud (nice way to saying I was yelling at her) because she was trying to handle ALL OF IT on her own. The stuff I knew was already too much to try and figure out alone, the additional items are could throw anyone over the edge.

My first statement was “This is why God gave you people.” This is why you have friends, loved ones and people. A good friend will at least listen to you, without judgement; they may have a solution you hadn’t heard of or may not try to offer any solutions. Sometimes just talking it out can lift a little of the weight.

A friend can also offer you some time away from the drama. Take this time to laugh about reality TV over a glass of wine, or a cup of hot coffee and a talk about the why the birds are flying in north in the snow or whatever inane topic you two can come up with that doesn’t have anything to do with your current stressors. Even if only for 20 minutes, you can relax your mind.

Some ideas you can do for yourself to create an eye in a storm:

  1. Read a book with no literary value, something you would be almost embarrassed to admit you have read. My guilty pleasure novels are all by Jackie Collins. (judge me I don’t’ care)
  2. Go internet shoe shopping, just put your credit cards out of reach
  3. Color, adult coloring books are available everywhere
  4. Take a bubble bath, with soft music and treats
  5. Dance to your favorite song, a Wobble and drama can’t go together

Whatever you do don’t add drama to your peace moments. So don’t watch reality TV, they argue and fight too much; unless it’s a competition show that intrigues you.

Life will keep throwing junk at you; creating those eyes in the storms is essential to being able to keep going. Gives you the energy to keep fighting.

Until we meet again.

Poetically Yours,

simply sherri